What this site is about

This site is to provide information about an operation for people who have an enlarged and possibly weak aorta. This is often referred to as aortic dilation or having a dilated aorta.

By using computer aided design it is now possible to have a made-to-measure operation.

Who this site is for

There are no restrictions. 

Anyone and everyone is welcome to read it, learn from it, tell us what more you need to know and to tell us what more we should provide.

It is particularly designed to provide a shared source of information for patients and health professionals so that you are know that you are using the same language and have the same understanding of what this new idea is all about. 

So if you are

we hope to provide information in plain language that can be understood by the public and professionals.

First to explain what those words mean:

The aorta

The aortic root

Aortic Root Support

External Aortic Root Support

the most likely reasons to be interested in this site

You are most likely to be interested in this site if you have a connective tissue disorder such as Marfan syndrome or a related disorder such as Loeys-Dietz syndrome or Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. People with these conditions may have a particular pattern of widening of the aortic root, sometimes referred to as a dilated aorta or aortic dilation. This website is particularly relevant if you have a dilated aorta or aortic dilation or know someone who has.

Surgical Information

Information for medical professionals with an interest in aortic dilation and the ExoVasc®. Find out more.

Clinical Advisors

The PEARS project has a highly skilled and well-respected team of clinical advisors. They are all recognised experts in their field. Find out more.